Monday, March 22, 2010

Our God is REAL

Isaiah 41:24

"Indeed you are nothing, and your work is nothing; he who chooses you is an abomination."

Isaiah 41: 21-29 is all about how idols are nothing and are futile. The context of this verse is when God talks about the futility of the idols and He is talking to Isaiah about it.

Idols. If we look at Exodus 20:4-6, the 3rd commandment is read on the tablets containing the 10 commandments that God has given Moses in Mt. Sinai. God said that we should not have any carved images where we should worship it. God is the only God, the real God, all powerful God.

What are idols? These are carved images that people use as a replica of a god. But as what the verse said, idols cannot do anything. It cannot interact, it cannot cause something to happen and it does not do anything. It does not hear, it does not have any compassion and it is lifeless and is just a mere thing that people pray to. But idols are not just carved images. Even television, clothes, shopping and money can be idols.

For me, anything that takes my focus on God is an idol. I personally have gone through that time when I have had myself an idol, but I didn't realize it until one day, it dawned on me that my relationship with God not almost not there anymore. I had movies to watch, TV shows to wait for, music that takes my mind off from Christ and books that makes me daydream about things rather than focus my mind on serving and thanking God. I have never admitted this but right now, as I continue my path to being closer to God, the realization of these things made me admit to myself that, yes, I had idols before even if I didn't realize it.

The Twilight series, all 4 of the books. It took me about 3 days to finish them all. I even read it about 8-10 times, all 4 of them. Then after reading them all and I felt a void in myself, yearning for God's presence, I asked myself "How many times have I read the Bible?". I've never finished reading the Bible in my entire life and this is makes me very shameful about myself. When I was reading novels so quick and was looking forward to reading another one, all that it caused me were sleepless nights, mood swings and sometimes, bad temper. I ended up being a slouch the whole day, just reading the novels. After I decided to stop reading them and start with the Bible, a change has come on me. I started to have better moods, I feel God's presence when He leads me to read a verse that can impact my life and I yearn to read more about His word. Leaving all these idols can bring change, not only to ourselves but also with our relationship with God.

So as a thought:
With Christ in our hearts and minds, our lives would be better. We would feel more happy and would not worry about anything because God is with us. Why don't we leave those things that do not lead us to Christ and makes us want to yearn for the world instead. It's time that we go closer to God because with Him in our lives, we don't have to worry. He is our Shepherd, He won't leave us nor forsake us.

Nothing is impossible with God

Jeremiah 32:27

"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?"

Jeremiah was conversing with God when God answered Jeremiah his question about bringing the people of Jerusalem back to the city. With the Babylonians establishing their power over the land, God assured Jeremiah that despite the evil things the people of Israel and Judah has done, which provoked God's anger, He will still bring the people back to the city of Jerusalem and would protect them so that they may dwell safely.

In this verse, we can see the power of God. The chapter's context also discusses about God's mercy, but because I am just focusing on this verse, I will ponder upon the great power of God.

God is our Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer and Father. Do we ever doubt His power? Do we ever think that He's not capable of doing something so big? I'd say, we should not. God is the All Powerful God and nothing is impossible with Him. He can move mountains, cause the sea to calm down during a storm, create creatures, and bring the dead back to life. Reading all the miraculous things that He has done in every book of the Bible should make us stop and realize that no matter what the case is, God can handle it. If we handle our problems with our own power, I can assure you that we will be disappointed. But if we put our problems into God's hands, I am sure, very much sure that things will be OK coz God can take care of everything.

I have doubted God's power many times. I've depended on myself when I encounter problems at times. But each time I deal with problems on my own, I ended up defeated and discouraged. But when I ask for God's help, not thinking and worrying about what would happen, I feel peace in my heart. Knowing that God will handle ANYTHING is an assurance that things will be better in times of trials.

So here's a thought:
When you are going through a problem so big, something that seems so impossible to be resolved, why not trust God and let Him lead you through. God can do anything, nothing is impossible with Him and nothing is hard for Him, AT ALL!!! Let us stop doubting His power, because if we are really in a good relationship with Him, we will trust Him no matter what the circumstances are...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Praise the Lord

Psalm 68: 32

Sing to God, you kingdoms of the earth; Oh, sing praises to the Lord. Selah

The 68th chapter of Psalm talks about the goodness of God and how He is worthy of praise from His people. The verse is somewhat a climax to the whole chapter in that David expresses in this psalm how people of the earth should sing praises to the Lord because of His goodness.

As I was reading this verse, I realized how this verse relates to the verse that I read yesterday (or well, this morning). God is good. But sometimes, despite His goodness to us, we tend to forget about His gracious mercies and blessings. Looking at myself and my walk with God, I admit that I have taken for granted the blessings that God has given me. Sometimes, I would be so fired up in praising God but after I get what I want, I end up forgetting all about Him until another need comes up. And as I write my thoughts about the text that I just read, I realized how much blessings God has given me but compared to the praises I've lifted up to Him, my gratitude towards His blessings seems so less.

God has always been there for us. And sometimes when things don't go our way, we tend to be angry with God and for a while, forget about Him. But should we not praise Him for everything, though the circumstances are good and bad? Not just because something went wrong, we are doomed. God has plans for each of us and we should thank Him even when things don't go our way. When I didn't get my student visa last Feb 2009, I was, for a while, mad. But when God gave me more than what I asked for, I realized that He had plans for me, better plans for me. Instead of just 2 years in the visa, He gave me 5. And for that, I praise the Lord!!!

As my daily walk with God improves, so to speak, I have every intention to praise Him, no matter what. Jesus Christ has died for us on the cross to guarantee us salvation. Should we not praise Him for this?

As I end, here's a thought:
Praise God! When? In times of rain or shine, night or day, good or bad and in every situation in our lives. His Son, Jesus Christ died for us...this should be enough for us to give thanks and praise God all the time

Gracious God

Isaiah 30:23

Then He will give the rain for your seed, with which you sow the ground. And bread of the increase of the earth; It will be fat and plentiful in that day your cattle will feed in large pastures.

So here’s what I do:

  • Close my eyes and pray
  • Open my Bible while eyes still closed
  • Count to 11 then choose a random verse
  • Open my eyes, read it and write something about it

So yup, that’s the whole routine.

As I read this verse today, I realized how gracious our God is. God blessed those that exalt Him. He is gracious to His people. Like in the verse, He will bless the land of His people. God always provides. If we ask Him, He will hear. God is not selfish and abundantly provides for His children.

With this thought in mind, I realized how He has supplied all my needs and sometimes, He provides even before I ask for something. God is an awesome God. His mercy, love and grace is so abundant that sometimes I ask myself, “Do I really deserve this? Such a sinner I am, ashamed of what I have done but yet God never deserts me.”

So for this verse, I will always remember that I should not be scared about tomorrow because God has me in His hands. There’s no place I’d rather be but in my Father’s arms…

Friday, January 9, 2009


Rashid will finally be closer to me!!! just a few more days! im so excited! but i really wish i can see im immediately but i guess i'd just wait! i am so excited i cant stop talking about it!!!

January 16, 2009 is my most awaited day! i do wish my visa will be approved by then too! i really need prayers...God will help me, He always help us...and for that, I am forever thankful to God!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year Has Come....

Welcome Year 2009!

Its been a great 2008, though i had some hard times, God has continually held me up. This year, I dont know what to expect. Its better not to expect anything. But one thing for sure, no matter what happens, God will be there to provide and help us with anything. With every happiness, excitement, sadness and disappointment, I know God will be there and that fact just makes life very nice. God has given me life and I will always thank Him for giving me a chance to live everyday.

Rashid will be coming soon, that's a really nice welcome to my 2009. I dont know what lies ahead but I would just trust God. He knows what I need and I know He'll lead me and Rashid with another year together. Really cant wait to get married soon! I am so excited!!! Yay!!!

Happy New Year Y'all!!! Let us all thank God for this chance to have another year in our lives and let us continually thank God for everything...

Saturday, December 27, 2008


wishful thoughts...all over my mind...with God's help...i hope they'll come true...

im just wishing im not this bored.
im just wishing i am at my house in kenya.
im just wishing i could eat pizza right now.
im just wishing my bank account had more money from my work which i dont have.
im just wishing that i could get my visa soon.
im just wishing im in school and finish.
im just wishing im with my parents.
im just wishing the world's land mass are all connected.
im just wishing that everyone have a great new year ahead of them.
im just wishing that people work on their relationships.
im just wishing that God will come soon.
im just wishing that every pain will end and no tear will fall.
im just wishing that i will be in heaven with all my love ones.
im just wishing that i can be a mother and a wife soon.
im just wishing that rashid could be with me now as we welcome a new year.
im just wishing my parents were with me this holiday season.
im just wishing that i can get married soon.
im just wishing i could get out of the habit of not sleeping at night.
im just wishing i could talk to rashid everyday.
im just wishing...